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2009  提朋TEBON(上海)成立





卓越研发工具Excellence R&D Tools

六西格玛设计Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)

精益六西格玛 Lean Six Sigma (LSS)

一带一路高新区及高等院校合作 Cooperation with B&R Hi-TechZone & Higher Educational Institutions



汽车整车及零部件(Vehicle and auto parts)

医疗器械和仪器(Medical devices and instruments)

家用电器及电子产品(Household appliances and electronic products)

机械设备、五金交电及工具(Mechanical equipment, hardware and tools)


Our Vision 我们的愿景

Tebon is committed to being the absolute best R&D management and technology consulting firm, as measured by our clients' success, the excellence of our people, and our spirit of partnership.

Our Mission 我们的使命

Tebon partners with clients to solve their most important and complex problems, adding value, making their mission our mission, and delivering results that endure.

Our Strategic Strengths 我们的战略优势

Tebon has built its reputation by being a trusted partner to clients and helping them address their challenges in ways that will endure for years to come. To achieve the firm's vision and mission, and to help prepare its clients for what's next, Tebon continually builds on the strategic that distinguish it:

A culture of Collaboration 合作文化

We harness the collective power of diverse people and points of view, and of our unparalleled breadth and depth of domain knowledge and functional expertise, to provide the right skills, at the right time, in the right combination.

Top-Notch People 顶尖人才

We offer clients the capabilities and dedication of high-caliber consultants-individuals who hold client service as their highest calling, who are experts and leaders in their fields, and who pursue lifelong personal and professional development.

A Consulting Approach 咨询方法

We address our clients' challenges with a multidimensional, objective understanding of issues, set in the context of emerging dynamics and technology, to help clients succeed.

A Passion for Making a Difference 追求卓尔不凡

We are committed to creating a legacy of positive impact-delivering practical, effective, and enduring benefits of significant value-for our clients, for the communities where we live and work, and for our nation.

Our Core Values我们的核心价值观

We conduct business with uncompromising integrity, adhering to the highest ethical standards as individuals and as an institution, guided by our 8 core values:

Quality 讲求质量 – Quality is the primary determinant of customer satisfaction and loyalty, We believe our clients' time should be honored. and it requires us to continuously provide clients with the right product or service...done right...the first time. In today's increasingly competitive business environment, better quality translates into better value for our customers and, subsequently, better value for their customers-and this is the very essence of competitive differentiation.

Teamwork 团队精神 – Teamwork is personal involvement and collaboration in a team environment. It includes setting a common goal in support of business objectives, making an individual commitment to the team's success and recognizing the success of the team.

Honesty 诚实正直 –Honesty is the basis of all our endeavors. Integrity is what we say and what we do. In TEBON we follow the equation: THINK = SAY = DO

Trust 相互信任 – Trust is the mutual respect for and confidence in people. Trust recognizes the importance of individuals and appreciates their diverse opinions. Trust compels us to share information and encourage new ideas. It requires an open, honest, forthright manner.

Accountability 责任心– Being accountable means every employee assumes ownership and responsibility for his or her own work, regardless of the job they perform. Being accountable means making decisions and holding oneself responsible for the consequences of those choices.

Confidence 自信 – Self-confident people take initiative, handle the unexpected, stand behind their convictions and support the efforts of others. They take bold, innovative, creative actions, capitalize on opportunities, make sound decisions quickly, and mobilize the best resources for rapid action.

Doing What's Right 做正确的事– Doing what's right is being honest, ethical, and having personal and professional integrity. It means consistently treating all people fairly, delivering on promises, and taking personal responsibility for your actions.

Professionalism 专业精神 – "We value excellence." We believe the needs of every client company should be treated with respect, specificity and responded to with expert counsel. We pride ourselves on developing a tailored approach to each of our clients based on their unique needs.